A deeper look at Dahlov Ipcar: Works by the iconic Maine artist are on display at Fort Williams Park

Rachel Walls’ gallery space at Fort Williams is an ideal space to see Ipcar’s work. It’s an authentic Maine place, mired in history and the tough-nut truth of the fortressed coast. (Fortress ruins, after all, are places where the imaginations of young people run wild.) Walls’ sense of place and history, as well, is handled with a quiet sense of time that fits the ephemeral flashes of Ipcar’s work …

The other outstanding art shows of 2017: Maine's art scene provided more than enough to write about this year

A related bright point is the new gallery Rachel Walls Fine Art in Cape Elizabeth. Walls specializes in Marguerite Zorach’s daughter, Dahlov Ipcar.

Sharing the story of the wondrous and much-loved Dahlov Ipcar

Two Maine authors who knew Dahlov Ipcar and wrote about her life and work will speak about the artist during upcoming talks at the Portland Public Library, where an exhibition of Ipcar’s illustrations for children’s books is on view through Dec. 23 in the Lewis Gallery.

Teaching as an Art Form: Discovering Stories of Learning at The Museum of Modern Art

  … Take, for example, Dahlov Ipcar, the first woman (and, at the time, the youngest person) to have a solo exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition, curated by Victor D’Amico and Ipcar’s father, the artist William Zorach, opened in 1939 in the Young People’s Gallery.

Ipcar exhibit opens children's eyes to fine art

“A child raised without art is as surely deprived as a child raised without love,” the renowned Maine artist and children’s book author Dahlov Ipcar has said, how she felt about the importance of creativity in a child’s life.

More fall visual arts: Zorach-Ipcar

The year of Zorach-Ipcar continues into the fall, with exhibitions by Dahlov Ipcar in Cape Elizabeth, her mother, Marguerite Zorach, in Rockland and her father, William Zorach, at the Portland Museum of Art. Ipcar died at age 99 in February. Rachel Walls Fine Art at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth is showing “Dahlov Ipcar’s Century,” with a range of material …

Fort Williams Park to Show Dahlov Ipcar collection

One hundred works from the late Dahlov Ipcar’s personal collection will be on view for the public in a magnificent exhibit which opens Saturday, July 29, in an exciting new exhibition space on the grounds of Fort Williams Park.

Remembering Dahlov Ipcar: children’s book illustrator and artist

American illustrator Ipcar, who created colourful, animal-based picture books for children, has died at the age of 99. We look back at her career.

Dahlov Ipcar's seven decades in children's books - in pictures

Celebrated for her ‘non-intellectual cubist’ takes on wildlife and nature, the illustrator died last week, aged 99. Here are some highlights from a singular career.

Beloved Maine painter Dahlov Ipcar dies at age 99

The Georgetown resident was nationally renowned for her distinctly colorful paintings and children's books.

The Museum of Modern Art featured Dahlov Zorach Ipcar as the first solo show devoted to a female artist

Opened in 1939 in a gallery focused on education, the show was called “Creative Growth, Childhood to Maturity” and featured work made from the age of 3 to the age of 22 by Dahlov Zorach Ipcar.

Dahlov Ipcar, Visual Artist

Dahlov Ipcar is one of Maine’s most prolific painters, illustrators and children’s book authors. The artist has spent the bulk of her career painting out of her home in Georgetown, and at the age of 98 (she turns 99 in November) she muses over what it has meant to be a woman artist over the course of the past century.

Art Review: Dahlov Ipcar: New paintings and new perspectives

Frost Gully Gallery in Freeport, which has shown the painter's work for nearly five decades, features more than 50 works, including three made in 2015, when she painted with macular degeneration, that continue to demonstrate her brilliance.

Dahlov Ipcar opens exhibition of new work at Frost Gully Gallery on Nov. 16

The artist, who turns 98 this week, is exploring new ways to express herself with recent vision loss.

Exhibit spotlights the Boston School of painting

An exhibition organized by independent curator Rachel Walls at Samson brings [Marguerite Zorach's and William Zorach's] work together with paintings by their daughter, Dahlov Ipcar, a noted painter and children’s book author and illustrator.

New York Times' Book Review: Dahlov Ipcar’s ‘Black and White,’ and More

“Black and White” was first published in 1963, the year of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and Ipcar has acknowledged her wish that her story might be read, in part, as an appeal for racial equality.

Marguerite Zorach, Dahlov Ipcar, & William Zorach

Samsøñ is proud to present an historic exhibition of works by the family of artists Marguerite Zorach, Dahlov Ipcar, & William Zorach, together in an exhibition for the 1st time.

Dahlov Ipcar: A Maine Treasure

As recently as five years ago, when children’s author and illustrator Dahlov Ipcar (b. 1917) received the New England Independent Booksellers Association President’s Award for her body of work, some in the audience asked, “Dahlov who?”

Dahlov Ipcar: 'I think painting keeps me alive'

Newly republished children’s classics by the American artist Dahlov Ipcar capture the spirit of our age.

Dahlov Ipcar: The Prismatic Dimension

On the occasion of Samsøn Projects of Boston honoring the work of Dahlov Ipcar and that of her parents, Marguerite and William Zorach, we talked with the artist about her career, her recent loss of sight, and her attempts to adapt painting practices.